Soundcheck 2014

We know it's early ... but let's get thinking about next year's Soundcheck gathering. Read on ...

Soundcheck is SPEAK’s annual gathering. In a fantastic creative venue in East London, we play host to an exciting and inspiring selection of workshops, talks and live music. Chilling out in our cafe, you will encounter a diverse community of individuals hoping to change the world, and have an opportunity to discuss and discover what the Christian faith has to do with justice. 

Past highlights have included speakers such as Steve Chalke from the Oasis Trust, Joel Edwards from Micah Challenge International, Shane Claiborne (via Skype) and Andy Freeman, a man whose vision helped start the 24-7 prayer movement. We've been joined in previous years by members of the SPEAK International family, with delegates coming from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Nigeria to share stories of what they get up to for SPEAK all over the world. We've had discussions, debates and workshops on faith, arts, campaigning, community, prayer, consumerism, food sovereignty, the arms trade, learning how to make things out of rubbish and so much more! We've also enjoyed DJ sets and live music to entertain us in the evening, with lots of dancing!

The planning process has begun and is already underway. Organising an event like this takes a lot of time and resources. We would love a team of enthusiastic SPEAKees to make it magical and help out with the planning and pulling together of it. If you want to get involved and get some valuable event organising experience then email, we'd love to have as many of you on board as possible!