Solidarity with SPEAK Sierra Leone

It was wonderful to have Isaac from SPEAK Sierra Leone in the Network Support Team Office recently! They are doing amazing work out there...

Sierra Leone is a small country in the West Africa with its border between Guinea and Liberia and its population is six million. A nation that has been through ten years of bloody war which come to an end through peaceful negotiation and we now have a democratically elected president by the name of Dr Ernest Bai Koroma who is doing his second term in office. Our country is filled with different kinds of minerals yet the mass population is living in poverty and it also a multi religious country.

The Speak network in Sierra Leone with its headquarters in the United Kingdom is a Christian group that pray and campaign for justice. I happen to come in contact with Speak through a friend who linked me with Ellen Stuart and Jo Frew in 2010 and I came for Soundcheck that year. When I return back to my country I encouraged some young guys to come on board so that we can campaign and pray together for justice with the intent of extending the Speak chapter in Sierra Leone. We started with five youths but they thought that money coming from the UK and when they discover that it is not coming the three back out, but prior to that we were campaigning in churches and do have sessions in schools to notify the youth that they should think and speak out for justice. Campaigning at governmental and political level is for justice is not easy but we are trying to do our best in our own way.

Please continue to pray for us so that God will strengthen, help, provide and open the door for us to come out very like you guys as you went to the house of commons in 2010.