Sheffield SPEAK spread the news of ethical food in the city!

Sheffield Speak have been fully embracing the Seeding change campaign. The other day the Network Support Team received a lovely surprise of a beautiful package from the group...

The group had written the Network Support Team a lovely letter and packed the package full of resources they'd made...

The letter said...

'Dear National SPEAK

Please find enclosed a bunch of stuff we have made - including our poster map of ethical places to buy food and drink in Sheffield (which we have been giving out free to students), a leaflet on ethical shopping that we made to hand out with the poster, another leaflet explaining what sheffield Speak is, which we made at the beginning of the year for recruitment purposes and a nice photo collage depicting some of our activities this year.

We are sending you this stuff to provide you with a physical representation of what we've been up to this year and also because we just thought you might like it.

We love you!


Sheffield Speak'

Well, what a lovely and inspiring package to receive! Thanks you Sheffield Speak. Keep up the great work - you inspire us!