The Seeding Change Petition

Speaks creative petition calling DfID to stop spending UK aid money on funding landgrabs and locking poor people deeper into poverty

At Soundcheck 2014 Speak launched it's new creative petition concerning an initiative called the New Alliance for Food Security in Africa. This is an initiative which is being headed by the UK, through DfID. Read up on why we are asking for a complete overhaul of this initiative and how its leads to landgrabs and locks poor farmers deeper into poverty.

What are our asks?

We in the SPEAK network are deeply concerned that DfID and the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition are promoting unsustainable farming methods across Africa, against the wishes of African civil society, and in the interests of multinational corporations. We are concerned that the use of UK Aid money to build partnerships with agribusiness companies that wish to exploit new markets in Africa will not, in the long run, lead to ‘food security’ - as much as it will to the degradation of farmland by chemical inputs and the creation of monocultures, and the dependency of African farmers on multinational corporations.

Therefore, our asks are the following:

For the G8's New Alliance for Food Security to ensure:

  • respect and support for the rights of smaller scale African farmers to grow food and do business as they see fit, free of interference from and obligations to Multinational Corporations
  • that aid is given to African countries to support food growth, without conditions attached that disadvantage or take away the freedom of their farmers

If these changes are not made to the New Alliance, to withdraw UK’s funding and support for the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, diverting the support to projects that are aligned with the principles of food sovereignty

Join in

Sign the petition...

You can either sign and share our online petition HERE or download our petition sheet attached below

With every signiture of our petition we are also asking people to write a prayer on a seeded piece of paper calling for justice for African civil society. You can see prayers that have already been written by clicking HERE. Once you have written your prayer please post the paper square to St Margaret's House Settlement, 21 Old Ford Road, London, E2 9PL

We are then going to gather these prayers and plant a creative prayer garden, where every flower represents a prayer and a signiture standing up for justice. 

To request a petition pack, containing info and the seeded paper sheets, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you