Pray & Post ...Who can send the most?!

Norwich Youth For Christ have been using the latest Pray and Post card on pesticide use in Brazil as part of their prayer space in a local school. Find out what they've been up to...

We were delighted when we got an email from Norwich YFC, asking for around 300 pray and post cards that they could use in a local school as part of their Christmas prayer activities. Becca told us a bit about what they got up to:

"From the 9th - 13th December 2013, Norwich Youth For Christ ran a Christmas prayer space in a local high school in which over 350 students from years 7, 8 and 9 took part in 15 different activities to explore praying in creative ways with direct links to aspects of the Christmas story.

One of these activities focused on the issue of injustice as we wanted the students to have a greater awareness of some of the issues going on in the world. SPEAK's campaign about the over-use of pesticides in Brazil gave us the opportunity to inform them of this issue and gave them the choice to respond by signing the petition cards. As well as signing the cards some of the students made additional comments that they felt for the people affected and wanted this to stop. Some have also asked to be on SPEAK's mailing list, showing a desire to get more involved with issues of injustice."

We received 62 completed cards from students which we can add to the ever-growing pile in the office. We now have over 300 to send to the Brazilian government, calling on them to make some serious changes in their use of pesticides. There's still time to send them back to us! If you have a pray and post card lying around which you haven't filled out then please do and pop it in the post to us at the SPEAK office. Or even better, email us on if you would like a bunch to hand out to your church/ friends/ family/ workplace/ uni/ etc, and we'll happily send some to you.