Postcard from the Farm of Peace (Workshops, Talks, Music & more)

Join us in Gearing up for Peace Festival

Here at Speak we are feeling pretty amped after our weekend visit to the catholic workers farm in Rickmansworth, where our Peace festival will be held.

A lot of planning & envisioning took place this weekend. Everything was covered from the music & speakers going to be present like (Andy Flanagan, Steve Chalke, Symon Hill, Greg Valerio, Andrew Day, DJ Jinadu, Djs Looped Exodus, acoustic acts Long for the Cost & much more) to Workshops on (Permaculture & building social justice) & of course seeding change. There is still an opportunity for more workshops to be added to our rooster. So if you would like your voices to be heard make sure you make it down to our working group afternoon on Saturday the 18th of July.

In addition to the peace festival we will be having a day of action at the DSEI (one of the biggest arms fairs in the world.) & in true Speak fashion will be ringing our DSEI Bells, with each bell represents SOMETHING we WANT the arms traders to take note of!!
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At speak we are not short of ideas to make peace a reality, we hope all of you lovely folks can also join us at the Peace Festival this September 11th-13th at the catholic workers farm in Rickmansworth.

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