The Photo Petition handed in to DFID

We're proud to say that the Profile-picture-photo-petition has come to a close. All the photos have been taken, up loaded and handed in to the Government

In the end we gathered 85 photos for our photo petition!! Thanks so much for everyone who took part - we really appreciate that you put your faces behind the Seeding Change Campaign. The campaign which stirves to empower African people to grow their own food to feed their families. 

We handed in the petition on the 3rd March to The Department of International Development as part of our Soundcheck event Day of Action. You can see photos from the DOA here

If you want to see the full set of photo petition pictures then click HERE

The meeting handing in the petition will be the first meeting of many where the SPEAK Network will be pushing DfID for a fairer and more effective approach at tackling the issue of hunger in Africa. 

Again, thanks for all your energies and enthusiasm