Our friends at Time to Turn are winding down

Today we receive sad news, which is a sad sign of the times we are living in...

We have some news for you: Time to Turn is going to stop :(

Most of you guys who are part of Speak and have been to Soundcheck over the years will know Time to Turn. Time to Turn is a movement of young people who want to live beautiful and sustainable lifestyles. They are our dear friends from across the seas and we have loved having them at our events and conferences to share with us their wisdom and their passion for justice.

They say that fundraising has become increasingly difficult over the years, with different funding streams drying up. They have thought long and hard and eventually have decided it would be better to stop.

They encourage other organisations (including us guys from Speak ) to continue the good work. We would like to say a huge thank you to TtT and send loads of love from our network to theirs.

This is sadly a symptom of a greater systematic trend which is happening at the moment. Evidence that if we want to keep pushing for justice in this world we need to keep the revolution fueled, keep the fire stoked.

Please think of giving to Speak, if you do have a passion for justice and want to set up a standing order then please click the link below and click on the paypal option