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Last week, Chris and Helen from the Network Support Team took the Seeding Change Tour to Saltaire, Bradford. Helen shares more about what turned out to be an inspiring day all round.
Beryl Wauye of Homa Bay SPEAK, Kenya shares with us her thoughts on one of the most challenging theological subjects of all: The problem of suffering and our response to it, as Christians and as humans.
...Told by Christopher Chadburn, in the style of a late 19th century Russian novella, for no particular reason.
It’s amazing what happens when you seek to know God better – God can totally blow your expectations!
The Seeding Change Tour is a chance for the Network Support Team to escape from the cocoon that is the Speak Office and spread our wings, adventuring around the country to see you lovely folk where you're situated!
Sheffield Speak have been fully embracing the Seeding change campaign. The other day the Network Support Team received a lovely surprise of a beautiful package from the group...
While the New Alliance completely transforms African agriculture into a multinational free for all - it goes largely under the public radar... SPREAD THE NEWS and LOBBY DFID at the same time with Speaks PHOTO PETITION - PROFILE PICTURE LAUNCH!!
Nottingham SPEAK have always been an awesome SPEAK group with big dreams and big hearts. This year they've turned up the heat even more to become a formidable force for good!
Flower Model is Speak's grass-roots participatory forum. It's where everyone who's part of the network can get involved with all levels of planning and decision making. Join us... 16 November at 11:30 until 17 November at 14:30
It was wonderful to have Isaac from SPEAK Sierra Leone in the Network Support Team Office recently! They are doing amazing work out there...