Neil, another addition to the Network Support Team!

Hot on the heels of Chris I'd like to introduce myself as another Regional Support Worker, especially around London.

Hello, my name is Neil and I was born and raised in Enfield in North London. For most of my life I have lived and worked in and around London and I have a great love for the City. I am married to Amanda and have 2 children, Daniel (7) and Sophia (5). I work as a teaching assistant in a local primary school as well as looking after my own children when they are not at school. In my spare time I love listening to music, going to the pub and hanging out with friends.

I first heard about Speak when my wife was involved with them at University and then afterwards as a youth leader. More recently my friend Chris Duncan got very involved with Speak and so I was able to find out more about what was going on. I have been looking into networking and campaigning for justice and an end to poverty for a number of years now, and I decided to come to Soundcheck to see if Speak was a place where I could get involved. While there I signed one of the cards and after many emails and a few conversations here I am as a Network Support Worker.

With my job and the time I spend looking after my kids I do not have loads of spare time, but I am happy to travel to anyone or any group in the London or surrounding area. I would love to come to any University events or groups, especially as I never got to see Speak in action when I was at University (It didn't exist!). Also, as I am relatively new to Speak I would love to connect with any local people who want to meet up, chat and dream about the things we can do to make this world more the place Jesus would want it to be.

I hope that in the next few weeks I will be able to make contact with some of you, but until then keep up the good work and be encouraged, we are all in this together.