Members of the Speak Network doing non-violent direct action against nuclear weapons

Read Jo Frew's account of blockading the entrance to AWE in Burfield, on the 19th May...

On Monday 19th May I was part of a group that blockaded an entrance to one of the UK’s nuclear weapons sites, AWE Burghield, and disrupted production and construction work. Speak has been campaigning to end government support of the arms trade for years and had a few successes along the way. I am convinced that if ever there was an opportunity to scrap Trident then its now!

The Trident system needs to be upgraded and will cost a staggering 100bn of taxpayers money over the next 50yrs if it goes ahead - that could fund all the A&E departments across the UK for 40 years!!

Before spending this money, Parliament has to debate whether renewal is a good idea, properly, before a final decision is made. Yet, even before this debate has happened, construction for the next generation of nuclear war heads continues at AWE Burghfield. See more information here

Not only that, the renewal of Trident (and even its existence) breaks the UKs commitments to non-proliferation. A renewal of a treaty signed between Britain and the USA should also be debated before being ratified by Parliament but will probably be rushed through as quietly as possible. You can read more in a CND briefing here and pass it on to your MP to follow up. Mine is!

If you're Scottish, make sure your MSP knows too. Most Scottish MSPs want rid of Trident (at least they say they do) so there’s another opportunity we have to get this debate going!

And if risking arrest is what it takes to draw attention to the weapons of mass destruction that we often forget about, then so be it. Jesus risked his life to go to the centre of power (Jerusalem) and preach good news about peace and love. We have become so used to these WMDs in our midst that its easy to forget they are the opposite of everything our faith is about.