Meet Chris! He's here to give you all a helping hand

Chris Chadburn! Cool name, cool guy! He's come on board the Speak Network Support Team as a wonderful Regional Support Worker - to encourage and support you in whatever you may dream up!

Hello you!

My name is Christopher, I'm 27 and I originally hail from Macclesfield, a small northern town  infamously described back in 2005 as the 'least cultured place in Britain' (although I should point out that things have gotten a lot better since then, we've got a cinema now and everything!). I've recently finished studying for a degree in Philosophy at Sheffield University. As you would expect given my degree subject I tend to spend quite a lot of my time reading and having deep conversations about life and the world, which fortunately I rather enjoy! Whatever time remains I usually spend playing and listening to music, running long distances and of course doing Speak things- I've been a member of the university Speak group here in Shef since waaaaaaaaay back in 2009.

Back when I started university I was curious both about becoming a Christian and about doing some sort of activisty type work. I first got involved with Speak at least partly because it seemed like a good space in which to explore those possibilities. Through my involvement with Speak (as well as with SCM and other campaigny type groups at uni) I was lucky enough to become friends with some really inspiring, positive people and to work with them on a bunch of campaigning projects. I would say that these friendships and campaigning activities have played a big part in shaping the 'worldview' that now forms the heart of my faith- one centred around the value of a love that is actively felt and manifested in action. For me the development of this worldview has been nothing short of a transformative, life-changing (for the better!) experience.

Of all of Speak's core values I think the one that our group in Sheffield has been able to realise most effectively is that of community. It's really important to us for Sheffield Speak to provide a supportive, nurturing space where people can develop themselves and explore their conceptions of faith, spirituality, life, the universe and everything! For my part I have found it a true joy and a massive privilege to witness Speak members growing into mature, confident and above all joyful and loving people with real potential to make a difference in the world. It is my hope that I can bring the ethos and method of nurturing community that we have developed in Sheffield Speak to my work as a regional support worker.

I look forward to working with you!