Mary Grey, Ten Building Blocks for an Ecological Spirituality of Justice

Mary shares with us her wonderful insights on how to journey to an ecological spirituality of justice...

Mary is a Roman Catholic ecofeminist liberation theologian. She was educated at the University of Oxford and is now a professor and author of a range of theological and social justice books. We were luck enough to have Mary Grey as a speaker at Soundcheck, our annual gathering in 2014

1. Reclaim Creation as Blessing - and ourselves, with all earth creatures - as God’s good creation. Recover God’s dream for creation and  we ourselves as humanity with an urgent call to co-create with God.

2. Recover the power of ritual in expressing God’s covenant with the entire cosmos- (if we have lost this, pay attention to other faiths/cultures who still have a vibrant practice).

3. Re-image our distorted concepts of immanence and transcendence  in respect of the way God relates to nature. Rediscover he sacredness of this earth - permeated with God’s presence. Listen to the poets, musicians and look at the artists..

4. Refuse to split creation from redemption ...Creating is at the same time redeeming--- from a broken web…from ecological ravages. (I think of the Dutch farmers patiently reclaiming clods of earth from the Zuyder Zee to try to reclaim their land)

5. Discover Nature as Teacher. (Look at Job, Chapter 12)

6. Discover self and community in relation to the environment - our selves are deep down and truly ecological selves.

7. Discover creation through the work of liberation and the building of eco-justice. (Climate Justine comes to mind but there are innumerable causes)

8. Re-imaging of the cosmic Christ, the ecological Christ as the pattern which connects the entire creation.

9. Build ecological communities that embody a life-style of sustainability and the praxis of eco-justice. Dwelling as a key dimension of becoming Church/community.

10.  Dwell in the greenness of the Spirit. (The viriditas-  the greening power- wrote Hildegarde of Bingen, 12 century German mystic). When the earth loses its greening power, no justice is possible…