Jump on board with the Speak revolution!!

Speak groups and affiliated churches are popping up all over town since Soundcheck... Why aren't you joining in?! It's easy peasy!

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that the post-Soundcheck response has been great! A huuuge hats off to each of you!

We have had 2 new groups start and a gaggle (probably not the correct collective term but fun nonetheless) of churches who have picked up the mantle of social injustice and are joining us in pursuing God’s standard!

There is still more room for growth and so if you wanted to start a group or engage your church with justice issues then get in touch and we can help you build some momentum. It isn't some big uphill struggle, it's just sitting down with some friends with some pray and post cards.   

Do get in touch, our Regional Support Workers and waiting to hear from you :) speak@speak.org.uk