The Joy of Enough

SPEAK are passionate about the environment. Have a read about what our friends Christian Ecology Link (CEL) have to say about the 'Joy of Enough'...

CEL has ambitious plans for our 2014 annual conference, and over the next year we would like you to be part of them.

The age of growth economics is over. If we try and carry on, our legacy to the next generation will be a ruined planet, inescapable debt and brutal inequality. There is an alternative.

CEL wants to equip Christians to become advocates of a new order – prosperity without growth. A steady state economy, in scale with creation, will not only restore ecosystems but repair humanity and honour the reign of God. Far from being ‘worse off’ we will discover the ‘joy in enough’, and lay to rest the myth that environmentalists are grim obsessives who can only say ‘no’.

And we need your help: here’s how you can join in:

take part in one or more of the working groups listed through the link below, to produce a Christian manifesto to be published alongside the conference, help bring on board partner organisations with which you are in contact, in the Churches, in politics or in the environment and economics, join the conference organising group.

If you can help in any of these ways, contact Tony (tony.emerson12 [at]

We need a whole new economics, not just a better financial system, and we want the churches to have courage to demand it. Some will say it can’t be done. We say it must be tried. For more detail see the prospectus below.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Paul Bodenham – Chair, CEL

Tony Emerson – conference organising team

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