It's Getting Hotter

Article by Chak Hee Lo (SPEAK Hong Kong)

Warmth is one of the many blessings the Earth receives from the Sun. Placed at just the right distance from the Red Star, the Blue Marble is the only celestial body known to sustain life. Sadly, as a result of people taking things for granted, the planet’s ability to accommodate life appears to be fading.

Much of how the Earth sustains life lies in its balance, and temperature is no exception. In what is known as the Greenhouse Effect, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor absorb heat from the Sun, while excess heat escapes to provide a natural heating system for the planet.

Over the past two centuries however, this balance has drastically been disturbed, and the situation getting worse.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide (CO2) was absorbed by plants through the natural process of photosynthesis and released by animals through another natural process: respiration.

Plants absorb CO2 to make food and animals release CO2 because they need to breathe. The carbon cycle was pretty much in equilibrium until humans started to consume fossil fuels, coal, and oil in large quantities, which release massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

This is a reason why deforestation is such a big deal.

Getting rid of plants is getting rid of a way to absorb CO2. More CO2 means more heat is absorbed which means the Earth is warmer than it should be. No wonder it’s hotter. 

This is the scary part. It’s still getting hotter.

People are still very much dependent on fossil fuels, deforestation is still rife, and there are even some who believe climate change is just a scam.
There is much to be done.

We still have time to stop these things getting worse, so let’s keep pushing to protect our amazing world from climate change.

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