It was lovely to meet you all at the Festivals

SPEAK had such an awesome time over the festival period - a time to connect with people and explore the different passions people hold!

A huge 'HIIIII!' to everyone who we met at Soul Survivor, Momentum and Greenbelt. We really enjoyed all the conversations and the laughs that we had with you all. Antics included ukelele jams, SPEAK bananograms, hiding llamas and, of course, amazing conversations about how to push for justice!

Peter Hicks facebooked while at the stall 'Having a good time at Momentum at the Royal Bath and West Showground this Bank Holiday. Lots of people with a real desire to see God's kingdom of justice being built around the world.'

These thoughts seemed to be echoed by all those who dutifully represented SPEAK at stalls - along with also a renewed realisation of the journey still to go and the important role that SPEAK plays in this. 

SPEAK had the privilege of running a student activist academy session at Greenbelt Festival this year. The network voted that it be called 'The Revolution will be Spiritualised'. During the session people got the change to explore different justice issues in respect to what they'd look like in the Kingdom of Heaven and get some practical ideas on how to be changemakers. Huge thanks and love to all the wonderful people from the network who helped form it. To the awesome asha who's public speaking abilities are so magical and all of those who facilitated the beautiful break away discussions. The network is so blessed to have you all

Now that all the festival activities come to a close, stalls are packed away and tents are dismantled, can we all pray over the conversations and activities that took place. May they blossom and bloom...