Iiiiiiits nearly SPEAK WEEK - 18th to the 24th Nov

SPEAKers assemmmmbleeee! SPEAK Week is the time where we all get to dazzle, teach, campaign and humiliate - all to the tune of the fundraising drum! Now is the time when we should be planning our feats or acts! Read on to learn why fundraising is fun, exciting and a handy activist tool...

Money is a word that none of us like talking about very much... It's usually just a wee whisper in a hushed conversation...

But at SPEAK we can shout from the rooftops 'GIVE US MONEY!!' because we're proud to say that we only do what we do because we think it's 'good'! We want MORE MONEY to transform the trends of inequality and selfishness, to empower the peacemakers and to bring heaven down to Earth. And so we are unashamed to ask Tom, Dick and even Harry to dig deep and fund the revolution which is Jesus centred and spirit led. 

This year is an important year for SPEAK, so this SPEAK Week becomes even more valuable!

SPEAK week is a time when all the network fundraises in unison for just one wee week of the year! Not much to ask, but this can do great things! 

If you were at Vocal Training, you'll know that I LOVE FUNDRAISING! Why you ask?! Well... 

  1. You can do socially taboo activities you wouldn’t normally be able to do
  2. You can use the fundraising activity to be an example to people around you
  3. You can use it to get new people to your SPEAK group
  4. You can use it to talk to people about what you’re passionate about

If you sitting there going 'Errr how?' to any of the above points check out my little powerpoint below! It's short and snappy but gets the point across!

So what fundraiser are you going to do? 

Feat – a physical or mental challenge
Hardship – going without something or enduring something for a period of time
Social Taboo – sporting something which is embarrassing
Event – holding an entertaining or engaging event

So what are you waiting for? Set up your fundraising page HERE! And get asking for sponsorship now!