The IF event was a ray of sunshine!

The sun came out on the 8th of June for the IF event at Hyde Park...

I'm sure that you have all heard about the IF event at Hyde Park on the 8th June. If you weren't lucky enough to make the journey yourselves we thought we'd give you a little summary...

The day kicked of with a Church service at Westminster Central Hall. It was a nice way to centre the day in God and reflect on why the day and the issue was so important. SPEAK managed to nab a stall outside the Church service which was a real blessing - we enjoyed engaging with people as they entered and left.

The main event was down at Hyde Park, where there was a huge stage of speakers and entertainment. There was a place where people can 'plant a flower' as a type of petition and stalls of those who were part ofthe IF coalition.

SPEAKs stall in Hyde park was decorated with the beautiful banners that you have all produced throughout the years. We had so many people comment on how wonderful and inspiring they were. We also had a mouth-shaped board for people to write their ideas of aworld without hunger. It was a really spiritual experience guiding people to their dreams of love and equality.

We were so impressed with the distances that people had travelled for it. It really brings a sense of hope to know that there are so many people really passionate and committed to global justice issues.

Thank you so much for those who volunteered their time and energies to helping make SPEAKs presence at the IF event happen. I feel like the good that came from it were so much further reaching that the IF event in itself. Thanks to Richie Buttrick, Philip Powell and Seb Petersen