Getting itchy feet, and itchy wheels?.. The Bardic Bike Tour!

Yearning to get outside now that its finally warm enough to make this remotely appealing? Make a two-wheeled break for it on SPEAK's Bardic Bike Tour 2013!

Well it seems Winter has at long-last lost its grip on us, and the sun has been shining, at least some of the time!  And being outdoors without shivering is such a totally novel and wonderful experience, I think we're all craving to get out somewhere.  At this time of year, with so many long, warm, days ahead (hopefully!) its so easy to look at a map and get excited about all the places you could travel to... ... spotted somewhere yet?  How about this for a challenge; cycle there!

Following the launch of the Bardic Bike Tour in 2012, this peddle-powered collaborative adventure is back for 2013!

The idea is that a number of people go on long distance bike rides, which will link up different towns (and SPEAK groups and individuals) across the land in an epic cycle tour. Those people can get their friends and family to sponsor their incredible feats of endurance, to raise money in support of SPEAK's campaigns.  But best of all, we can use these cycle rides as a roving platform to demonstrate sustainable transport, speak out for peace and justice, and celebrate creative arts such as music and story-telling.

Don't fancy cycling?  No problem!  Crucially we need people to organise events, which the cyclists can visit and support along the way. From Seeding Change speaker events at churches, to cabaret nights, to protests and radical non-violent resistance actions, the Bardic Bike Tour aims to link up and support the scattered movements for positive change and creativity.  But if you've ever dreamed of being a travelling bard, cycling across the land to tell tales of injustice and the peaceful movements to overcome it, through story, song and action, what are you waiting for!?

If you'd like to get involved, and haven't already signed up (e.g. at Vocal Training or Soundcheck), email me at and let me know what you're up for doing.  Then let's start the conversation, get the maps out and plan some routes!

Finally, before you start cycling (I know its exciting!) don't forget to get your friends and family to sponsor you to raise money for SPEAK!  You can sign up to create an online fundraising page and join the Bardic Tour at (we have temporarily removed our Giving link. To donate to us, please call 0208 9819441).  And for lots more tips and info, from how to survive the elements on a long-distance ride to how to link your local events up with the tour, check out the Bardic Bike Tour guide at

Just one more thing; a CALL-OUT for anyone who's up for doing a Bardic Bike Tour cycle action for the G8 summit in June!  As suggested in publicity for the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign, it would be awesome to cycle from the Hunger Summit in London on 8th June to the G8 summit in Northern Ireland on 15th June.  If anyone's up for this let me know! (