Get involved in the heart of SPEAK - Flower Model

At the heart of SPEAK is a flower - Flower Model to be exact! You can help the flower blossom by getting on board with a petal...

If you want to dive into the heart of SPEAK to catalyse and mess things up a bit!... then the best way to do it is to join a petal!

Flower Model isn't just a meeting that happens two times a year, where people chip in with ideas. Its an ongoing grass roots process that drives the SPEAK movement. People are invited to join working groups called 'petals' which communicate and decide how the movement should go forward in their chosen areas. These petals are dynamic communities of people from all backgrounds, old SPEAKees and new SPEAKees. All the magc and the mayhem happens through this process.

We invite you to get involved in the national SPEAK organisation petal groups- we'd love to use your energies and gifts to bring abut justice!

What are you passionate about? Here are the petals:

The Arts Petal: Faclitated by Sarah Hendersen

The Prayer Petal: Facilitated by Helen Whittall

The Network Petal: Facilitated by Holly Petersen

The Faith Petal: Facilitated by Andy Harrison

Campaigns: with Mark Johnson now stepping down as Campaigns petal leader we are looking for a spritely new person to hand the batton onto

To request the contact details of any one of these petal facilitators please contact