A fundraiser with a difference - The Bardic Bike Tour Revolution

Following the launch of the Bardic Bike Tour in 2012, this peddle-powered collaborative adventure is back for 2013!

The Bardic Bike Tour has captured the heart of what fundraising should be - a creative and ethical feat where fundraising can be used as a type of advocacy.

What is the Bardic Bike Tour? The idea involves the participants traveling from point A to point B by bike. At point B there will be a ‘time of action’. These ‘actions’ can be as small as reading a few words or as big as a day of action or a celebration. Register to get sponsorship for the feat here - SPEAK can do so much more powerful campaigns with more resources.

How do I get on board? Want to be involved? Planning a route? Message mike@speak.org.uk

What's planned so far for me to get involved with?

A group of people are travelling from the Hunger Summit in London on 8th June to the G8 summit in Northern Ireland on 15th June

Groups are travelling together in troop to Vocal Training in Bristol on September 6th

More to come...

Get Inspired! Andy Cope reflects on what the Bardic Bike Tour meant to him
‘It was only when I did the Bardic Bike Tour that I realised that cycling is form of protest. Whenever I choose to get on my bike now rather than relying on cars and other transport, I’m making a deliberate intentional campaign action. It’s a real act for justice, for issues such as climate change. Personally I see there as being costs involved and there are risks involved and in a way I see myself as deliberately fasting cars and deliberately making that sacrifice. At the same time I find joy in a mode of getting about which barely has any negative impacts on the environment. And hopefully encourages other people to make the same choice. And I guess that is what I’ve taken away from participating in the Bardic Bike Tour. It’s weird because I used my bike once to do the tour and now I get on my bike every day to do my cycle to work.’