Do you want to be a change maker?

On Saturday 8th June, tens of thousands of people from around the UK will come together in London’s Hyde Park to make a massive noise and demand action to tackle world hunger as part of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign - but it won't happen without your help!


IF the world produces enough food for everyone, why do 1 in 8 people not have enough food? This is the silent scandal and injustice of our age, but the G8 have the power to change it. IF we all come together and make enough noise, G8 leaders will know they have to act and prevent the suffering and death that hunger causes. That’s what Big IF London is all about.

The rally promises to be a spectacular day with inspiring speakers, stories and music from around the world. At its heart we will plant a breath-taking field of flowers, with 2 million petals representing the 2 million children that die from hunger every year – lives that could be saved with the right action on the causes of hunger.

But none of it will be possible without you.

We urgently need YOU to come and lend their passion, skills and support to make the Big IF London happen.

Just four hours on Thursday 6, Friday 7 or Saturday 8 June is all you need give to help us – you could be an event steward, or part of the crew helping to build our powerful flower image led by the key members of the team behind Olympic ceremonies.

Come along, meet new people, learn new skills and be part of a team creating an historic moment that could mark the beginning of the end of hunger.

The Big IF London will kick-start Enough Food for Everyone IF’s 10-day campaign - focused around David Cameron’s Hunger Summit on 8th June, his Tax and Transparency Summit on 15th June, and of course the G8 itself from 17th-18th June - to make sure that David Cameron goes to the G8 Summit with our demands ringing in his ears.

- Clamp down on tax havens to stop the billions of pounds that flow out of developing countries – money that could be used to end hunger.
- Help poor countries make sure that people, especially children, have adequate nutrition, and support poor families to grow their own food.
- Give people in developing countries more control over their land by protecting poor farmers from land grabs and using land to grow food not biofuels.

We know the potential for positive change when millions of us come together to demand action. With your help, 2013 can be such a year. You can be part of the generation to end hunger. Come to Big IF London!

Will you help us make history?

Yes! I want to be a Change Maker, and how can I help?