David Fribbins, welcome to the team!

We have a new NEST arrival! The newly hatched David Fribbins as the Speak Regional Support Coordinator...

Hi Speakers,

I’m David and these are a few things about me. I’m new here and so figured it’d be nice to offer a warm introduction before I start asking you to do things!

It’s probably best if we start with the droll of professional formalities before I attempt to get deep and heartfelt with you. I’m a combined honours graduate in Sport Science & Youth and Community Work. I have spent many years working with either the most vulnerable or the highest aspiring young people throughout London and across a vast range of projects.  Youth work has been the crux of my career so far but now I’m ready for something different (read uncomfortable).

I don’t exactly know what that different thing is but I do know some of the gifts and desires that God has put on my heart, especially the ones that scare me (did you notice the subtle transition into the deep and heartfelt stuff?).  Even though my writing may leave something to be desired I am, in fact, a creative person.

I love words. I love how when we play we with words we can access that world of joy and imagination that we left behind in childhood. I am inspired by how we can build people up through simple encouragement and I am humbled by how we can destroy people through what we say of them. I love words.

That leads us to this point right now. I want to use words to affect change. With speak that change is to pursue justice. It is a scary journey for me but one that I am looking forward to and grateful that I have you to travel with.

We'd love for you to get in touch by emailing david@speak.org.uk