Check 2 - what beauties!!

Check 2 are our wonderful members of the network who are post Uni age. If this is you, then find out why you're so important to us. Rob Elliot gives a beautiful explanation..

Check 2 is a loved and valued part of Speak. It is everyone who is a part of the Speak Network and beyond traditional Uni age. It continues all year round and there is a room at Soundcheck which gives space to airing life beyond Uni concerns, issues and conversations relevant for living and campaigning action.

Do you remember cardboard tanks? home-made trenches? Hoover drama?  Amazing poetry? Spoken word? Gorgeous cut out Art? The Big Dress? Wonderful food? Brilliant facts, stats and info? Sharing in dreams and visions? Then you may have been around Speak for a while or realised these things afresh as a newbie, either way your very welcome. And a very special part of the whole big Speak thang.

Consider your first few months, year in experiences of campaigns, new hopes, college or work.

Remember the highs and lows – and those moments when support from someone with more experience or knowledge or spiritual wisdom would have really helped?

What if, now, you’re those people, a few years under your belt – work, life, world, campaigning and now with things to pass on. Lots I’m sure. Speak needs you – take a few minutes to consider what skills, gifts, talents, ideas, vision, dreams…all enhanced by the lens of a few more years – you can give to help the beauty of Speak to continue to be and to develop and grow – whether people, groups, or the whole network.

Now, don’t be shy – take 4 simple steps:

  1. Pray
  2. Write it / them down before you forget.
  3. Tell someone else of your amazingness and how you’re going to share it amongst Speak.
  4. Email to let us know what skills you feel like you have to share. Or, if apt, email someone particular in the network to offer your time, experience, knowledge.

What skills? … I’ve mentioned a few – I’m certain you know of loads more, at your finger tips, in your heart and mind, amongst others about you, how much more amazing are skills when shared? a quick bit of maths tells us that skills multiplied by sharing makes …well, loads and loads of even more wonder-filled moments, stories and campaigns...inspiring and serving Speak, church, and those less able to speak for themselves.

Go on, you know you want to …