Check 2 questions for us all to explore

Being a grass roots network, we explore issues and different mediums of working together. Here's some questions put out to your all by Rob Elliot, the Check 2 Shepherd

Check 2 is in a time of evolution and we want all your thoughts in the mix as it glides into it's new form

Please share your thoughts about any of the following:

Post Sound Check feedback – did you look over the Check 2 program, spend any time in the space, take part in any of the workshops, or do you have a thought about any people or orgs, networks that it would be great to invite for next year ???

Check 2 Working group – for the last couple of years the Check 2 space at sound Check has been facilitated by Rob Elliott, initially with Clare Danquah and last year with Peter Hicks and Fran Johnson (Rob’s partner). As we all know small gene pools can lead to trouble – or at least not be as healthy or great as they might be – with this in mind – would you like to become part of a Check 2 Working Group who would put together the program for next years Check 2 space at Sound Check? Very light in terms of time and cake would be available as well – Rob’s sponge is to die for!

Finding Community is one of the issues that has come up lots over the last few years in Check 2 hosted workshops and chats. Especially as people leave Uni and set up home in a new place or move for a job. Along with dreams of beginning houses or places for dreams to grow. If you would like to be better connected with people of  a ‘Check 2 age’ (lets say from 20 till eternity) in your area then again do get in touch as we may know someone else close by.

Go on, you know you want to … please send any feedback or working group offers to Rob Elliott on