If you didn't manage to make it to our weekender event - you can read all about it here!
Ex-Sheffield SPEAK Prez Chris presents the final chapter (for now!) of the Sheffield SPEAK story.
Come and join us on May 2nd 2016 on our first ever fun 'Run on The Banks' action in association with our 'Break the Code' action and student debt campaign.
Considering our carbon footprint, we have decided to go digital with this edition of Volumize!
Ex-Sheffield SPEAK Prez and current Regional Support Worker Chris shares his experiences of his first few years with the group.
Conscience: Taxes for Peace not War has launched a campaign which you can get involved in. During the centenary of Britain legalising the inclusive right conscientious objection for the first time, Conscience is tabling a Bill in parliament which would allow conscientious objection to military taxation.
We want to keep up a conversation with our MPs on climate change throughout this 5-year parliament, beginning at the June 2015 Speak Up climate lobby but carrying on so they know this is a priority for the constituents they represent and won’t be allowed to forget.
The government is backtracking on climate change just as it needs to be making real progress to tackle the growing threat. Here’s a quick action you can take to ask your MP to put pressure on the government to stop the backtracking and do more to reduce emissions
Ex-Sheffield SPEAK member Mike Bourne relates the spledid tale of the Big Dress Festival, perhaps the most ambitious undertaking in the group's history.
In the first of our epic four-part history of the Sheffield University SPEAK group, ex-president Mike Bourne tells the tale of the group's early years!
Lets share our hopes and dreams together in 2016
We wanted to shine a light on the amazing work that each of our regional groups do UK wide and have asked our Norwich Group to answer a few questions for us! Hope you enjoy!
This weekend we will be joining hundreds of people in the peoples march against climate change in London. Will you be there to join us?
Interested in working or interning with SPEAK?
Fancy joining in with some of our upcoming gatherings? Here are the details
Anybody interested in starting a SPEAK group in their community?
More information about our Take Note Campaign and our Day of Action
Some up-to-date information about how our festival went this month.
We at Speak are encouraging people to take a week of action for Peace in September. Here is our suggested plan - are you with us??
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