Become a Loudspeaker

Would you like to become a catalyst in the development of the global justice movement? Then go deeper, and consider becoming a Loudspeaker to contribute financially to the cause!

Loudspeakers for justice are people who put their money where their mouth is and commit to regular giving and prayer for the network. Loudspeakers give monthly to SPEAK through standing order. This is one of the most helpful ways you can support SPEAK’s campaigns. As a Loudspeaker you receive a regular prayer letter with info on what is happening in the Network and how you can support it in prayer.

Campaigning is an amazingly cost effective way of making a significant difference to the people who suffer oppression because of our unjust society. By giving you will be contributing to Speak’s successful work such as shutting down an arms trade department, changing company law to help the poor and environment, changing trade rules and working for debt cancellation.

To keep campaigning and praying, Speak relies on giving from groups, individuals, churches and everyone involved. It doesn’t cost much to make a big impact and if everyone who visited this page gave even £5 per month we’d be sustainable, independent and able to provide more training and action resources.

Please give generously!

If you would like to become a Loudspeaker you can:

  • use the print and post form below to set up a standing order
  • email us for the details to set up a standing order directly with your bank. Or call us on 0208 9819441
  • email us to be sent Loudspeaker information and forms. Or call us on 0208 9819441

We need your signature to set up a standing order so please don't be put off by not being able to do it online right now. Thank you!



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