Welcome Kit Powney to the Team!!

Attention all Speakers we have a new arrival on our team! Kit Powney will be helping us with our campaigns work.

Howdy Speakers!

I am Kit and I first got involved with SPEAK earlier this year at Soundcheck and ever since then I have wanted to get involved in SPEAK!

So who am I and why should you trust me with your network? Well I am super passionate about justice and being part of a community that fights for it! My passion for social justice began when I was 18 and I spent 2 years living overseas in different parts of South East Asia and Pacific islands working in development programs.

Living overseas really opened my eyes to the insane inequality around the world and I found it hard to reconcile that with my understanding of God. Therefore I decided it would be a good idea to study theology which was amazing and totally transformed my understanding of Christianity. I believe that being people of justice is at the heart of our faith and that it is an essential part of our actions. So now I currently live in London and work at Christian Aid as a youth and students worker; where I motivate and inspire people to put their faith into action.

I love all things creative and often get lost in a world of glue guns, glitter and espresso! I am really passionate about campaigning being part of the answer to poverty and inequality and therefore love to get involved in all things campaign-esk!

Last of all I sadly turn into Chandler Bing when I meet new people and release a ridiculous amount of dad jokes; so I apologise for that in advance but I look forward to meeting you :)
So thanks for listening to my ramblings about me, feel free to get in touch if you want to find out more!

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