The Climate Countdown

The next 2 years are going to be really key in the fight against climate change.

Jump on board with the Speak revolution!!

Speak groups and affiliated churches are popping up all over town since Soundcheck... Why aren't you joining in?! It's easy peasy!

Christabel's Feat for Freedom

Christabel is an audaciously crazy lady who loves Speak. Check out the lengths she's going to keep us speaking out for justice...

The Joy in Enough Conference - Economics as though People and Planet Mattered

The ground breaking Joy in Enough campaign was kicked off last weekend, with an exciting conference exploring the main ideas and issues behind creating a new type of sustainable economics.

Why did I blockade an Arms Fair video?

Why would someone want to blockade an Arms Fair? Here's Woody giving his response to this interesting question...

The Photo Petition handed in to DFID

We're proud to say that the Profile-picture-photo-petition has come to a close. All the photos have been taken, up loaded and handed in to the Government

The Seeding Change Petition

Speaks creative petition calling DfID to stop spending UK aid money on funding landgrabs and locking poor people deeper into poverty

Deinvestment Campaign - let's all push for a fossil free UK

This is an important time in the course of the future for Gods world. Join Speak as we push for a fossil free UK...

Speak Hong Kong are really taking off

Only a few months ago we were contacted to say that a lovely man from Hong Kong was starting up a Speak group there. We were overjoyed to hear that the values of Speak were being taken to all areas of the world. Not only are they already doing amazing things, but they've also budded another Speak group too...

Write a letter to Justine Greening about the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa

If you want to get your voice heard about the New Alliance but don't know what to write, then here's a template letter that you can send...

Sign your area up to the Seeding Change Tour

The Seeding Change Tour is a chance for the Network Support Team to escape from the cocoon which is the Speak Office and adventure around the country seeing you lovely folk where you're situated!

What did Andy Atkins share with us at Soundcheck?

Andy was part of the original group who started the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign in 2005. He was previously Policy and Campaigns Director at Tearfund and is now Executive Director of Friends of the Earth. He shared his wisdom on campaigns and faith with us at soundcheck 2014.

What did Mary Grey share with us at Soundcheck 2014?

Mary is an eco-feminist liberation theologian with beautiful thoughts and a humble heart...

SPEAK VS Big Banks Chapter 2- TAKE A STANZA!!

Speak have recently gone through a huge ordeal with the big banks, which has really threatened out sustainability and sustainability. As a response, we have made an ‘ode to’ or more accurately an ‘owed to’ poem to the Director of the Halifax António Horta-Osório. We are Taking a Stanza... You can too!

Flower Model, come shape the future of Speak - April 12-13

Why do we love Flower Model? Because it is what makes us counter cultural. It is what makes us grass roots and it is what empowers you guys to shape the collective of the network that is Speak.

The first London 'Just Space' of the Year

London is a special place! The political hub of the country, financial capital of the world but also a place which is so thriving with a history of activism and justice...

Check out the programme for Soundcheck 2014

Next month is the epicness which is Soundcheck 2014! And to tickle your appetite one month ahead, we've got the Soundcheck programme...

Soundcheck 2014 - All you need to know!

So Soundcheck is coming up... So what do you need to know and bring?!

Food is important.

Food is important, biologically and theologically. Because it's important, it's often controversial to debate; all the more controversial for those of us trying to figure out how best to serve Christ in the world.


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