Grow Your Own Campaign

Want to get a good crop of change out of the garden of injustice? Here's some tips on growing a really effective campaign:


A poem by Adonis Storr

Seeking God, but struggling with prayer?

Do you struggle with prayer times? Maybe you are actually praying already – but prayer for you is not sitting on your own with your eyes closed and offering God a shopping list (is that prayer for anyone?!). Where in your normal life do you already feel close to God? Or at peace? Or what stirs you up and makes you want to shout about stuff? It could be whilst you’re jamming on your guitar, or commuting, or playing football, or cooking dinner, or even reading your facebook newsfeed..! Whatever it is, try and identify it, and do it more, and a little more deliberately in God’s general direction! That, my friend, is prayer :) Here are some more ideas that might help you to seek God a bit more deeply; give a few of these a try and see what style suits you:

Vocal Training Program 2014

The program for Vocal Training 2014 has been finalised. Click here to check it out...

It's Getting Hotter

Article by Chak Hee Lo (SPEAK Hong Kong)

Seeking God...

It’s amazing what happens when you seek to know God better – God can totally blow your expectations!

Say hello to Margaret!!

The newest member of the Network Support Team has come on board to help us keep the voyage ship-shape :)

Reclaiming Distance

Blog by Chris Chadburn

Climate Change's Effect on Migration

Image by Joel Sartore. Blog by Lucy Slater

Football, Consumerism and I

Image by Pez. Blog by Michael Bourne.

10 Things I learned from a Marathon

Nothing like a bit of fear to make things become clear! Here are 10 things I learned from running my first marathon. I hope it leaves you inspired and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.

I survived! We've raised over £700!

I survived my first marathon! Thank you so much to everyone for your kind donations and words of support, I couldn't have done it without you. Click below to find out how the day went.

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is a shifting in the planet's weather patterns or average temperatures over a long period. In its 4.5 billion years the Earth has been through many ice ages and tropical climes but this time it may be different.

For the love of... UK holidays

For the love of holidays in the UK, let's stop climate change. Here's why:

For the love of... global human diversity

For the love of global human diversity, let's tackle climate change. Here's why:

For the love of... God's worship

For the love of God's worship, let's do something about climate change. Here's why:

For the love friends' futures

For the love of my friends' future plans, let's do something about climate change. Here's why:


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